Viviane Feldman




    This Parisian loves to see the world, especially through a fast lens. From the City of Light to New York City, with stops along the way in North Carolina — for growing up and college — Viviane has seen a lot of the world. And she has plans to see a whole lot more. 

    Leaving France as a child, Viviane was raised in America and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied photojournalism and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies. Her minor? Carolina basketball, she jokes.

    After graduation, she decided to take a bite out of the Big Apple and was thrilled to land an internship at OZY last autumn. As a lover of visual media, she couldn’t wait to enjoy adventures in visual storytelling in the big city. But don’t let her calm, nearly shy, demeanor fool you: Viviane’s been known to turn up the volume and has, in fact, dabbled as a live DJ.

    Now a fellow on OZY’s video team, this Rihanna fan is helping to expand OZY’s audience with kick-ass social videos and looks forward to producing awesome original video content as well. And she’d very much like to find NYC’s best burrito and a springtime soccer league to join along the way.

    Come 2019, however, Viviane has her sights set on the Far East, so watch this space for fantastic video from Asia.

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