Toyloy Brown

News & Features Intern



    “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”’ This isn’t just a saying attributed to Toyloy by his middle school basketball coach; it’s his motto and approach to life today.

    Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Toyloy is a city kid who grew up taking public transportation all year round. Now in suburban Connecticut attending Quinnipiac University without the familiar hustle and bustle of the city, he majors in journalism and is the managing editor of his school’s newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle. He is also the executive editor of the For the QUlture (pronounced culture) magazine, which serves the purpose of meaningfully highlighting students of color at Quinnipiac.

    Once Toyloy realized his NBA dreams were unlikely to come true, he decided to combine his passion for sports with his knack for writing and devote himself to a potential career as a sportswriter. At 15, he became the first student sports reporter at his all-boys Catholic high school, covering the basketball, football and lacrosse teams.

    But Toyloy quickly realized sports weren’t the only subjects that exhilarated him. Amid the Colin Kaepernick peaceful protest in 2016, he discovered he was just as spirited about social issues, especially those pertaining to race and wealth inequality. 

    When he takes a break from sports and writing, Toyloy can be found spending time with his family and watching anime and critically acclaimed shows like The Wire

    This summer, Toyloy joins OZY as a News & Features intern, and he’s motivated to learn as much as he can so he can hone his journalistic chops and become a reporter whose work not only entertains but makes a positive impact.

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