Tanner Notch

Video Editor



    Tanner Notch grew up in Ashland in Southern Oregon, a theatrical former Gold Rush town now known for its annual Shakespeare festival. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that he developed a love for the outdoors and the arts, dabbling as a high school football tight end briefly before devoting his time to hiking, drumming, photography and alternative rock.

    He doubled down on those passions while studying film and writing at Portland State University, where he developed a love for directors like Paul Thomas Anderson and Harmony Korine and movies from Aguirre the Wrath of God to Badlands and The Idiots. There he learned that editing software was easy to figure it out, but that the real skill in editing comes from having enough creativity to shape a story where it needs – a jigsaw puzzle-like task that he loves.

    After working as a video editor at Complex and freelancing for the likes of Facebook, Skillsoft and Hypebeast, Notch arrives here to apply that creative eye and production skill to our digital products. Upbeat, curious and multifaceted, Notch is looking forward to the variety OZY has to offer — and hopes these passion projects will allow him to meet some fascinating characters along the way.

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