Sylvia Friend

Marketing Analyst



    When you’ve lived all over the place, from Norway to Iowa, and end up at the University of California, Santa Barbara double majoring in film and media studies and Black studies and minoring in professional writing, is there any other place you’d find yourself other than OZY?

    Yeah, we didn’t think so.

    So say a hearty hello to our newest friend, Sylvia Friend, who is so nice, her parents kinda had her twice. Or at least had identical twins. (Sylvia’s twin is easy to not confuse with Sylvia as she lives in Sweden.)

    But beyond all of that and Sylvia’s killer basketball game and her to-die-for skills with a paintbrush is the work she previously did with the nonprofit Handy Foundation, whose raison d’être is pushing for diversity and accurate Black representation within the entertainment industry. That goal makes Sylvia perfectly suited for her role in marketing at OZY, and every bit of why we’re both glad and fortunate to have her.

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