Suzee Han

Chief of Staff



    “I’m so un-Texas,” she begins. “Everybody thinks I got to school riding a horse.” 

    While Suzee Han may not have ridden into OZY on a steed, she is definitely a white knight to her colleagues (even without the howdy drawl her Houston roots would suggest). The only child of Asian immigrants, she was born in Beijing before moving to the U.S. when she was 5 years old — an immigrant experience that included learning English by watching her favorite Disney films, from The Lion King to Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. In keeping with unexpected journeys, Suzee survived premed at Northwestern University and was in summer orientation for medical school at Baylor College of Medicine before coming to a stunning decision: She didn’t want to become a doctor after all. 

    She penned a 13-page letter to her parents to explain the decision, and then she headed to Silicon Valley venture firm GSV. There, she helped build businesses and worked with investors, all while writing speeches and planning conferences, rising quickly from analyst to chief of staff for CEO Michael Moe, a titan of the growth-investing world and an OZY investor. 

    Now Suzee works as senior business operations manager, helping OZY across its finances, operations and recruiting departments. When she is not trying to help OZY become a billion-dollar business, she enjoys solo traveling, hiking and working on her pull-up game. 

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