Stefan DeCota

SVP, Revenue



    Stefan (and it’s Stef-AHN, not Stef-AN) DeCota, a California native, Marin to be exact, by birth. Him being a foodie? Probably just largely on account of Marin’s proximity to fresh produce and fine wine not too far north of there. But Stefan comes to OZY with much more than a belly full of goodness.

    As our mighty senior vice president of revenue, DeCota comes to us with 20 plus years of time in the trenches leading business development efforts across customer acquisition, loyalty reward fulfillment, technology enhancements and increased revenue generation. So if you ever participated in anything in the online cashback loyalty space? You’ve enjoyed Stefan’s tender ministrations.

    And if you’re car obsessive, you’ll also appreciate that whatever “free” time Stefan has that’s not spent with his 11-year-old son, 16-year-old daughter, or 12-pound cocker spaniel-poodle Tucker, is spent lovingly tending his obsession for and with speedy automobiles, up to and including his just sold Porsche 911.

    And by way of checking a big one off of his bucket list: “My son and I just took a 30-minute test drive in a Ferrari,” Stefan said. “It’s my dream car.” Which bodes much more than well for OZY readers/viewers/listeners with a practiced appreciation for style, speed and cool.

    So you want to chat about revenue? Stefan’s your man.

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