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    If Sara Gilliam asks you to join her for a swim, you may want to run the other way. She celebrated her recent move to the West Coast with a dip in the San Francisco Bay with a “friend” (how much can she really like this person) — no small feat in the bay’s frigid December temperatures. Luckily, Sara’s love for the water knows no bounds. Her all-time favorite spot? The beautiful Greek island of Hydra. The Aegean Sea proved perfect for her long swims, with the harbor backdrop of red-thatched roofs offering endless tranquil yoga views.

    Sara’s passion for exploring new places bridges both her professional and personal lives: She spent five years as a travel editor for the Travel Channel, living vicariously through the whirlwind experiences of none other than Anthony Bourdain.

    As a journalist, she’s a true jack-of-all-trades, with writing, editing, producing and brand content management experience. After graduating from the University of Virginia, she dove into the field of “audience development” long before that became a catchphrase. Her first job involved working as a homepage and assignment editor, contributing to desks that spanned news, sports, lifestyle and tech.

    Sara hails from the land of cherry blossoms and politics — Washington, D.C. — so it’s no surprise she’s a lover of museums, as well as a West Wing enthusiast. She came to OZY from Politico and is thrilled to help shape and steer the company’s audience development. But beware, Sara has a dark sense of humor (just ask her bay-plunging bestie), and she’s never too busy to listen to her favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder.

    Now that Sara’s a San Francisco resident, she’ll have no shortage of beautiful walks to enjoy along the bay — unless, of course, she decides to dive in instead.

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