Sandya Kola

Sales & Marketing Analyst



    Hailing from the sunny city of Bangalore, India, Sandya was in for quite a culture shock, and wardrobe revamp, when she moved to Boston for college. Living through a couple of teeth-chattering Massachusetts winters inspired her to become a devoted crocheter and bookworm. 

    When not covered in yarn, Sandya is usually practicing the violin. Having played since she was 4 — she’s continuing to study violin performance and music education at college — Sandya was always “that music kid” growing up. Until, that is, she attended a music school, where everyone was “that music kid.”

    She’s also a hardcore Tolkien fan who may know more about the history of Middle Earth than the real world. She begged her college counselor to let her list Sindarin as a language spoken on her college applications (no dice).

    If you ask Sandya about her plans for the next few years she may not entirely know. But ask her what she’s going to do in 50 years, and she’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen: She’ll open a crocodile sanctuary — she’s been a croc fan from an early age — where she’ll chill out (at a safe distance) with these awe-inspiring reptiles.

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