Samantha Levey

Director of Client Services



    If you’re looking for Samantha and can’t find her, you should probably check the closest antique store. This East Coast native is obsessed with home decor and even decorates Airbnbs in her spare time. Antiquing is among her favorite activities, which is all fun and games until the hobby makes her fret about what’s missing in her own place. She’s constantly on the lookout for that unique something that will help a room pop and make a house feel like home.

    But Samantha’s love for old things extends beyond woodwork and fabric. This new OZY tribe member has an affinity for dinosaurs. Yes, you read that right: She loves those prehistoric creatures and knows an endless slew of nerdy facts about them. She even tested out of a course on them at the University of Arizona. 

    Luckily, Samantha’s sales and branding experience is just as comprehensive: For nearly a decade, she has helped global brands like AMC, Disney and Mattel create and manage their digital strategies and goals. Her wide-ranging work has covered everything from social strategy to account management, from media planning to team leadership and creative production. To Samantha, the most rewarding aspect of the process is enjoying the relationships forged with clients.

    Samantha is thrilled to dive into OZY’s start-up culture, form new relationships and bring this same gusto to making OZY a household name. In her spare time, you can catch her reading, listening to her favorite podcast (How Did This Get Made?) and watching — you guessed it — none other than Jurassic Park. She’s a recent Chicago transplant, after an 11-year-long stint in Los Angeles. And while Samantha might have traded the West Coast’s sunshine for chilly Midwestern winters — don’t worry; she knows how to warm up with a Tito’s martini — she’s an expert at carving out new homes for herself. Any excuse for a decor makeover!

    We’re excited that Samantha’s making a new home at OZY too. But her dream job? Owning a Moroccan rug store. Stay tuned. 

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