Rebecca Jacokes

Account Manager



    When Rebecca Jacokes describes her role as an OZY account manager, she finds it helpful to describe what she is not: a waitress. “It’s not the kind of thing where you just take orders at a restaurant,” she says, laughing. “I’ve done jobs where it’s like, ‘And would you like fries with that?” Both figuratively, while working with media advertisers, and literally, given the Michigander’s experience serving at one of those classic, all-you-can-eat stir-fry Mongolian barbecue joints back in the day.

    Dedicated to delighting her clients, Rebecca makes sure they get what they want while also embodying what makes OZY different from other companies. She’s a perfect fit for a work culture that she describes as “infused with love,” to which she brings her passion for social justice and growth with intention. She has brought that energy to every job in her career, for instance, while managing the Chevrolet digital account as it launched a Super Bowl campaign with the American Cancer Society that raised money for survivors while telling their stories in intimate ways. 

    Past stints include Xenith, Weber Shandwick and Commonwealth/McCann, all companies in her native Detroit metro area. She loves spending time with her teenage son, Dax, hiking and kayaking in the Upper Peninsula and drinking whiskey while attending rock shows at “dirty dive bars,” as she puts it. Current musical faves? Bruce Springsteen, The Replacements, The Hold Steady and anything that Jack White’s Third Man Records touches. You’ll find her a pivotal part of the Detroit comeback story, one that Rebecca is happy to rave about — that is, so long as you don’t ask her to take your order when she’s done.

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