Pankaj Joshi



    To Pankaj Joshi, less is more. Over the past few years, the Almora native has become a tried-and-true minimalist — decluttering his life and ridding himself of possessions for which he has no urgent need.

    While Pankaj doesn’t care for collecting things, this avid cycler and trekker loves to acquire experiences. He chases a challenge: Pankaj frequently goes on long runs and ultra-distance bike rides and can be found trekking solo for weeks at a time through the Himalaya Mountains. The combination of physical rigor and solitude are his meditation, creating space for reflection that both centers him in the present and fuels his subsequent adventure. Next up on his bucket list? Mount Everest base camp, which Pankaj aspires to tackle next year.

    When feeding his mind, Pankaj gobbles up any reading in the realm of current affairs, as well as Hindi literature and philosophy. When it comes to the literal, he’s a sucker for Mughlai cuisine. Pankaj’s career has taken him between Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune after he studied computer science for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He’s worked on the tech side of various media companies like Mode and Soap AI. Pankaj is excited to sink his teeth into all things data at OZY, where he’ll be building out data platforms and analytics on the tech team to foster audience growth. After all, he knows better than anybody that even the most complex information can be distilled into simplicity.

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