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    Nicole Locantore knows how to hit targets. She is lots of things, but what she is most significantly? MUCH better than you at darts. Like much, much better. You belong to a dart league? Did you even know they existed? Well, she does, and they do.

    And now in her new digs as one of our Associate Sales Reps, Nicole brings something preternaturally necessary for success at OZY: a willingness to, after being born and raised there, continue shouting out her home-state bonafides for the great Garden State of New Jersey. The oldest of four siblings similarly reared, Locantore’s time at Columbia University, then in Mayor Bloomberg’s office and at Discovery, has perfectly prepared her for a deep dive into media.

    Beyond that, she has a native curiosity: “I continue to be fascinated by people, our similarities, our differences and what drives us,” says Locantore. Her addition to a robust sales team is, we’re quite sure, going to be the stuff of legend.

    And if a few words of warning were ever warranted regarding Locantore’s focus it sits in the aforementioned dart league adventures. ”I take all games way too seriously,” she says. “It’s the competitor in me!”

    <Dramatic pause…>

    ”I also am never one to shy away from a microphone on Karaoke night.”

    Duly noted. Folks, welcome Nicole Locantore to the family!


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