Nick van Osdol

Operations Associate



    Nick van Osdol is the kind of guy who will quote Zen fables while describing stock allocation strategies. If that surprises you, try this: Before entering the world of finance, he was an award-winning English major who studied creative writing at the University of California, Los Angeles. Storytelling is in his spirit, whether it’s through words or numbers. “There is this narrative aspect of finance that people don’t necessarily talk about,” he says, from screaming matches over investment potential to the stories we tell ourselves about the broader market.

    It’s that broader perspective Nick brings to his work at OZY as an operations associate. With a wide range of experiences — from crafting “Stories” content at Snapchat to working as an analyst for Mercer — Nick is working directly with OZY’s senior management team to tell compelling stories across all our platforms and events.

    While he’s now based in New York, the California native will always feel at home at OZY’s headquarters in Mountain View, which also happens to be his hometown. “I’m trying to get my hands dirty” and be “as close to impact as possible,” he says. 

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