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    You’d not be mistaken in calling Nic Conforti a jack-of-all-trades. Renaissance Man works, too. But, at OZY, we think of Nic as a sum of his parts. His passions are varied and his sea of knowledge is vast, but one lifelong lesson guides the Connecticut native each day. Above all, Conforti says, “I just love to learn. We have a saying in my family, ‘Be interesting and interested.’”

    And with that, it’s no wonder that Conforti — who thanks his mother for instilling that nugget of wisdom — made his way to OZY. “Stay Interesting.” “Be interesting.” One in the same, right? We like to think so. Conforti comes to OZY a as seasoned account manager in the fast-paced world of media sales, but his most interesting experiences — which no doubt work wonders when connecting with clients — were learned via out-of-office endeavors. The UConn grad employs both the left and right sides of his brain in his constant quest for knowledge. Between athletics, music, learning to code, reading and studying the stock market, we’re not always sure how Conforti shows up to work on time. But, of course, he does.

    A lifelong skier, Conforti is known to grace slopes from coast to coast and has his sights set on a future heli-skiing trip to Chile. But that’s not the voyager’s only reason to travel. Every so often, Conforti and his three best friends — and bandmates — hit the road to tour in Ula Ruth. And these are no backyard barnstormers, either. Conforti, the lead singer, has played everywhere from New York City to Austin, Texas, for South By Southwest (where, by the way, he enjoyed an adult cider alongside snowboarding legend and Bad Things lead singer, Shaun White). 

    These days, you’re more likely to catch Conforti & Co. at a local gig in Brooklyn while the bandmates focus on their primary careers. To keep himself busy, Conforti enjoys listening to podcasts (This American Life is a favorite), devouring the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Herman Koch, and he’s recently learned to code. He’s still writing music for Ula Ruth’s next album (project pending) and loves whiskey (collecting and drinking) — strictly to keep the creative juices flowing, of course.

    Oh, and did we mention that Conforti is secretly a black belt in Tae kwon do? Unfortunately, those days are behind him, owing to an incident: “I was twelve after a sparring incident that I would prefer not to go into detail here,” he explains. Fair. It seems we’ll have to read about that in his memoir.

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