Natalie Mayer

Sales Operations Associate



    Not only could Natalie in all likelihood run you straight into the ground — people tend to be able to do that when they’re knocking off half marathons and claiming that long-distance running is something they do for “fun” — but after a monster few years at McKinsey, she’s ready to do the same at OZY. That’s even more apropos when you consider that her work at McKinsey was also endurance-based.

    “I did a lot of strategy work and quantitative analyses to answer big-picture questions for different industry clients,” Natalie says. In layman’s terms that translates to “I supported a media client by creating a product mix pricing strategy, helped a tech client redesign its company’s processes to optimize efficiency, and supported a retailer to cut costs in its supply chain and develop a strategy for entering international markets.”

    Which is to say that the Notre Dame finance and gender studies grad is primed to hold it down doing sales operations at OZY with the same indefatigable energy she brings to all the miles she’s put on the books so far.

    All of which sounds a whole hell of a lot easier than growing up the oldest of four — her three siblings are triplets — as well as the stint she spent working on an alpaca farm in Australia.

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