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    He likes it, hey Mikey! No, this Texas native isn’t talking about Life cereal. But he does love concerts — faves include the Red Hot Chili Peppers — music festivals, a good cold beer and chilling with friends and family. And yes, they do lovingly call him Mikey — something we have yet to try in-house.

    Mike is OZY’s new senior marketing manager, which means he helps ensure OZY addicts find us on social. It also means we’ve rarely seen Mike anywhere other than hunched over a keyboard. But don’t let his quiet demeanor fool ya; Mike knows how to build brand recognition and make stories go viral, which is probably why he received Folio Magazine’s 30 under 30 award not once, but twice.

    The University of Texas at Austin grad is a foodie at heart — bribes should come in the form of cajun first; steak second — and he loves going out to nice restaurants and the theater (he recently landed seats to Hamilton in the Big Apple, which he said was “a lot of fun.”)

    Mike also enjoys traveling and counts Jamaica as one of his favorite places. At weekends, he can be found hiking and biking, and whenever he’s visiting family in Texas, he makes a point of hitting the waves on Lake Travis. While Austin, Texas, is technically home, Mike is currently shacking up with three roomates and seven dogs in Denver, which even he can’t help but chuckle about.

    One day Mike hopes to live in a house with slightly less fur … and to own and run his own digital marketing agency. 

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