Lindsay Rodger

Director of Production



    This Toronto native might have flaming red hair, but she prides herself on being level-headed and prepared. If the apocalypse comes sooner than expected, suffice to say that Lindsay Rodger is the person you should hit up. Lindsay considers every possible outcome — which in this case means her Los Angeles kitchen stash is chock full of bottled water and canned goods that would serve her (and all of her loved ones) well if The Big One hits. And for dicey circumstances, she has her Pit Bull rescue dog, Zachary, to call upon for backup — who was preceded by a 110 pound Chinook-wolf-hybrid (nobody could legally confirm she was a wolf, but the DNA test was suspiciously vague). 

    Lindsay spent her childhood days in Wilmington, North Carolina before heading to Connecticut to attend high school at Jackie Kennedy’s alma mater high school, Miss Porter School. Hailing from a family of doctors, Lindsay started on the neuroscience track at the University of Toronto but felt that something was missing. She pivoted to Cinema Studies and English Literature (she’s got a soft spot for Old English and Middle English) and never looked back. She was attracted to disciplines that offer both concrete answers and ambiguity — and in producing, she’s found a path where she can operate logistically, creatively and rationally all at once.

    When Lindsay first launched her film career, she began as a production assistant at the bottom — exactly where you should start when you want to reach the top, she says. Lindsay has spent most of her career in the scripted narrative world, working with big names like Clint Eastwood and Paul Thomas Anderson. And while Hollywood has brought her into proximity with stardom — she once got stuck in an elevator of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas with Christian Bale — she’s excited to bring her talents from Tinseltown to OZY, dive into the company’s organic creativity and catapult OZY into the film and TV world through its pool of bold stories.

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