Lily DiCostanzo




    Brooklyn isn’t big enough for this New Yorker. Born on the Upper West Side, Lily loves the city, and she spends a lot of her free time exploring its neighborhoods, especially the ones she’s never seen before. The problem? “I’m running out of them,” she says.

    She’s not too worried, though. After all, Lily loves a challenge. She challenged herself to become a better grownup this year, which included learning how to cook. Italian by heritage, she admits she hasn’t quite cracked the right balance of garlic and butter in most of her dishes, but she’s getting there. She and her roommates — Lily lives with two of her best friends in what we assume is a purple apartment with eclectic furniture and cheap rent — also like to bake cookies, makes zines and dance until their feet ache.

    Lily minored in dance — she sometimes even choreographs — and majored in psychology at the University of Vermont. But she quickly realized that her creative juices flowed more freely than her scientific ones, so she geared her career into branded content. A lover of all stories, Lily loves writing, reading and the challenge of making people’s stories sing.

    When she’s not working, dancing, sipping sour beer (her latest thing) or discovering new corners of Brooklyn, Lily likes to imagine she’s in a parallel universe, bouncing from country to country. She recently turned her dream of visiting Tokyo into a reality, and she was blown away by both the country’s beauty and commitment to cuteness. So when she runs out of Brooklyn streets, we look forward to seeing where Lily sets her sights.

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