Kendra Campbell-Milburn

VP of Marketing



    Kendra began her marketing career working for A&E Television in New York City, in a job she wouldn’t have gotten if it weren’t for her predecessor getting fired after accidentally ordering boxes full of “Join the Mile High Club” T-shirts for a police convention they were sponsoring (needless to say, the blue brass weren’t pleased). And so began a wild turn for the aspiring actress, from studying musical theater at the University of Central Oklahoma to using her creativity to lead marketing endeavors in traditional and new media spheres, from A&E and TVGLA to UPtv and, now, OZY.

    Her portfolio includes everything from creating an alternative reality game while promoting the Andromeda Strain miniseries to setting up a terrifying (and Cannes-Lion award-winning) ad campaign in which New York walkers suddenly heard spooky voices beamed into their ears as a promotion for the TV show Paranormal State. “Instead of just selling something, marketing has to serve a greater need in this day and age. I want to market something that has a real soul,” Kendra says. “OZY creates those sentiments of empathy and compassion: it is begging of you to go a little bit deeper.”

    Now based in Atlanta, Kendra loves spending her free time with her dog Max, her two children and her husband of nearly two decades, with whom she sings alongside at church.

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