Kate Bartlett

Senior Editor



    This Zimbabwe native is no stranger to foreign lands, having lived in nine countries and reported from all around the globe. But it was traversing nine U.S. states as part of a journalism fellowship in 2019 that provided the strangest, and most exotic, experiences … including a run-in with Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci himself. 

    No amount of reporting about child soldiers in the Congo or military coups in Zimbabwe could have prepared the former Deutsche Press-Agentur Africa correspondent for that. Nor did her previous stints working as an editor for Agence France-Presse at its Asia headquarters in Hong Kong and, before that, as deputy managing editor of one of Cambodia’s only free and fair newspapers, the Cambodia Daily. Now she works from South Africa as an OZY senior editor, particularly leading the “Presidential Daily Brief,” our go-to morning newsletter catching up millions of readers on the important and intriguing news of the day. 

    A lover of literature, dogs and punk rock, her secret power is a deep-felt desire to tell human stories — especially about women and the dispossessed — and a penchant for finding the quirky or ironic details of any narrative. Some of her most memorable reporting moments include a bizarre funeral for a Khmer Rouge leader, a night of heavy drinking with Australian soldiers in Kabul and a weekend covering white South African nationalists prepping for a race war … which all feels very punk rock to us.

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