Jon Brierley

Account Manager



    If you wanted an origin story to end all origin stories about how exactly Jon Brierley, OZY’s newest account manager, found his way from the University of Rhode Island, a degree in business, and eight years in the thick of things in experiential production in New York City, it starts with Task Rabbit.

    As a side hustle after college, he helped his father with the family contracting business. And when Task Rabbit became a thing he branched out, doing work on the weekends just to keep his hand in. Good thing too since after the entire world was furloughed on account of COVID, including Jon, he found people still needed furniture put together and paintings hung.

    Which is where our Director of Client Services Samantha Levey comes in. You see, she needed both furniture put together and paintings hung. A state of affairs that led to a stunning conclusion after hours of chatter: Jon would be a perfect account manager.

    And so it was to be that this son of New England, a Boston sports fan to his core — excepting baseball — would come to leverage all of his agency experience in making OZY make the most of OZY.

    “My girlfriend and I really like volleyball too,” says Jon, heedless of the fact that volleyball will do absolutely nothing to bring a Super Bowl ring back to Boston. In any case, we’re glad to have him aboard and think you will be too.

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