Jenny Lin

Staff Accountant 



    When plantation workers in Hawaii would gather for lunch in the early 20th century, they would each bring a dish from their country of origin. There would be preparations from Japan, the Philippines, China and Korea, and they together formed what came to be known as Mixed Plate.

    This accounting ace from the Aloha State takes multicultural roots seriously. Jenny’s ancestors moved there from China seven generations ago. But she learned Japanese — not Cantonese, her ancestral language — at school. She had Korean, Filipino and Hawaiian friends growing up, and they paddled and danced Hula. Her husband is from Myanmar. And they live in Silicon Valley.

    She’s craving for more. Her mother recently wrote a book on Chinese-Hawaiian cuisine and visited China while researching for it. One of those recipes — for cake noodle — remains Jenny’s favorite food. Visiting China to explore is on her to-do list.

    Jenny moved from Hawaii to the Bay Area for college, where she majored in business accounting at San Jose State University. But her first real-world experience in finance came in 2012, when she helped her mother renovate a condo, handling all the accounting for the project.

    After a job with a venture capital firm, Jenny found her way to OZY through the love of diverse cuisines that she developed as a child. Our unparalleled, global coverage of food — from Taiwan’s midnight meals to a Vietnamese food tour on a bike — convinced Jenny she had found a professional home that matched her appetite for diversity. We couldn’t agree more … though we’re still waiting for her to bring some cake noodle to the office.

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