Jennifer Farris

HR Consultant



    Jenn Farris is pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted in an HR captain, and everything you never knew you could have. And why? Sure, you need that firm therapist feel plus get-you-know-what-done vibe in any person in charge of, well, people. But what you might not get is someone who logged time in the trenches of politics and policymaking, in the heart of Silicon Valley’s mecca — the Googleplex — and studying journalism (that’s a nice bonus). 

    Oh, and more. This is a woman, who, in another life might have been clandestinely securing the future of the nation. We can’t say much more. Shhh. 

    A Bay Area native, Jenn has hopped around the world, living in Edinburgh, Scotland, for graduate school and pit stopping in D.C. before heeding the call back to the sunny Best Coast. Her time at Google, well known for being one of the leaders in turning HR into the more sophisticated People Ops, was her first entrée to her next career path; she focused on recruiting, bringing in engineers and other tech talent to the fast-growing company.

    Since then, Jenn’s helped a number of startups going through growth spurts (and their accompanying pains!) take care of their employees and build sustainable and fun cultures. These days, she runs her own business providing HR consulting to a few lucky clients along with her husband. And she’s also kept plenty busy with her toddler-age daughter, whose knockout smiles are almost as great as her mom’s.

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