Eva Rodriguez

Associate Creative Director



    If Eva Rodriguez, OZY’s Associate Creative Director, hadn’t lived her story, she’d have sworn she was reading it on OZY. A senior at San Francisco State University — which means, yes, she’s working full time AND going to school — Eva came to OZY by way of getting kicked out of her freshman dorm room for running her tattoo business out of it. “Well, I had apprenticed at a tattoo/piercing parlor when I was in high school in San Diego,” says Eva. “So it seemed to make sense. Didn’t know it broke some kind of law.”

    Neither did the journalists who did a feature on her for the school paper that brought the law down on her. By way of making amends though they pulled Eva in to do illustrations for the newspaper — a gig that had her doing both art direction and production management for the paper before she made OZY an offer her senior year that we couldn’t refuse. “Well, I offered to, um ‘help’ you all with your design,” she laughs. Point taken. 

    And so from a family of seven kids with a professional musician mom and a Naval commanding officer dad, Eva’s spent the better part of her time at OZY making our world’s just a little (OK, a LOT) more beautiful. And this is all before we even get to her rolling obsession with both ice and roller hockey — playing it as a forward and watching it — her California Collegiate design awards, her work as a stylist or her year-old dog named Bofa. “I’ve always loved magazines,” Eva says. “Because I love fashion and style, and OZY seemed to aspire in a very journalistic way to want to do both.” 

    Well, even. 

    Now if we could only get her to start flowing free OZY tatt’s at the office.

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