Demetra Jones

Executive Assistant



    There’s nothing you could throw at East Palo Alto’s Demetra Jones, our most genius executive assistant, that she hasn’t already seen as the oldest of eight kids. Up to and including laying the law down regarding the whats, hows and whys of running a well-oiled OZY machine. 

    There’s also nothing you couldn’t throw at her that her deep, deep, DEEP background in education – mostly in math instruction where she created a math and financial literacy program for a nonprofit organization now 15 years in – hasn’t prepared her for. Well, that and her time in the trenches, first at Fisk University, then at Spelman, where she got a BS in math and then later an MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. 

    “Being a trader probably prepared me for the whole wild OZY ride in ways that nothing else would,” says Demetra. “From a strategic and analytical skill perspective.” All sound grounding for making the most of a distinctly challenging gig of getting all of our trains running on time. And tipping the work-life balance in an overall healthy place, Demetra also digs on a healthy dose of travel, good concerts, better festivals and spending time with family and friends to inform how hard she hits it in the workplace.

    “You know I’m personally committed to reducing social inequalities,” Demetra says. “And aiding and abetting OZY is probably at this point one of the more significant ways to do that now.”

    Which is precisely why when she says the coolest places she’s found globally are places where she is because she makes them cool? Yeah, you totally believe her.

    So, people? A big round of applause for the newest member of the OZY famiglia: Demetra Jones!

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