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    Growing up in Sacramento, a curious young Corinne soon found out what she wanted to be. Or, at least, what she wanted to do. Inspired by her older sister, who was diagnosed with diabetes, Corinne was determined to become an inventor to cure the disease. And while that didn’t quite happen, Bridgewater’s early familial inspiration led her down a path that every friend, family member and coworker is surely thankful for. Her goal, no matter the stop? To “find out what makes people happy.”

    After founding a non-profit that provided mentoring opportunities to at-risk girls while still in high school, Bridgewater studied at Howard University. Her major? Human development, continuing down the path of selfless enlightenment. From there, the Cali native bounced from New Orleans to Washington D.C. to New York City, gaining even more insight for what makes her fellow humans tick along the way. When she’s not devouring podcasts or self-help books, you can find her making candles.

    Whether In the gym or the boardroom, Bridgewater is ambidextrous. She rights with her right hand, eats with her left (sometimes), and punches with both. We’ve yet to find out from which side she throws he best wheel kick. But don’t be too scared off, Bridgewater swears that the kickboxer in her only appears when apropos. The rest of the time, she enjoys playing guru for her advice-seeking friends and workshopping up blueprints of her two biggest plans yet: both mouth-watering concoctions to help her fellow man, of course.

    “The dream is to retire to a Caribbean island for half the year,” Bridgewater explains, before spilling the good stuff. “I would open a five-star restaurant in the tourist area, and a barbecue shack on the water where the locals hang out… But mostly you’d find me and my ex-pat beau hanging by the sea.” If that dream life sounds to good to be true, don’t give up on Bridgewater yet. Her next idea might be the one that writes the check.

    Chocolate. Chip. Coachella.

    The fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie fanatic knows that you don’t retire on an island without first changing the game. And while her favorite New York cookie spot – Chips in Astoria – does it big, Bridgewater thinks that she just might be able to do it better. In her mind, there’s a place in the world or an industry-shaking cookie festival. But it must be big, and it must feed the masses. For now, let’s call it Chocolate Chip Coachella.

    We can’t think of a more inspiring form of altruism.

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