Antonella Crescimbeni




    OZY’s video fellow knows how to make sparks fly. A semi-licensed welder in the state of Pennsylvania — yes, Flashdance’s “What a Feeling” comes to mind — Antonella went to college at Penn State, where she found herself welding life-size sculptures, three of which she has stashed in her basement.

    When she’s not joining hot metal, this New Jersey native enjoys concerts and binging on reality TV. And as she is a huge sports fan, you’ll often find her cheering for women in just about any sport. 

    In high school, Antonella fell in love with photography and spent so much time in the darkroom that her hands smelled constantly of processing chemicals. A friend convinced her to join the school newspaper in college, igniting a passion for journalism, and Antonella, in turn, took her two passions and made them happen as a photojournalism student. She has gone on to cover everything from clown riots and Big Ten championship games to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. One day, she hopes to work as a photographer at the Super Bowl, NCAA championship or an NBA championship game. 

    And we have no doubts — if Antonella can bend metal to her will, she can really have it all.

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