Andrea Bridge




    Her T-shirt size is small but she sure can pack a punch. Born in Medellín, Colombia, Andrea has grown into a career in sales and marketing via advertising, after studying and working across three continents. Medellín is known as “City of the Eternal Spring,” and the spring in Andrea’s step isn’t seasonal either. She loves dancing salsa and has been practicing boxing for the past two years.

    Her twinkling toes have taken Andrea far and wide. She lived for a year after school in Brighton, working on her English, and then studied and worked in Bogotá and New York. Like OZY, she loves experimenting — she worked with an advertising firm before jumping into marketing. And like us, she believes she can make an impact. As a young professional, she crafted a marketing plan for her father’s business, convinced the board of directors to adopt it and developed a marketing division in the firm.

    Andrea’s also always looking to learn more. She says her stint in the U.K. showed her how “established economies and institutional companies abroad work and excel.” She moved to New York to pursue a postgraduate degree from NYU and fell in love with the city’s diversity. Andrea belongs to a close-knit family, and living far away from them has been the hardest part of her journey. But making them proud serves as the reward that keeps her going. And we’re thrilled she’s chosen us as her new abode.

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