The Supposedly Endangered White Superhero - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because somewhere, like on Earth, real people are living real lives that have very little to do with tempests in teapots.

In your heart of hearts you very likely know that Superman can’t see through walls, right? That scientifically no one yet has perfected any kind of version of X-ray vision? And that, finally, no matter what the trades might want us to believe, super soldiers from the future are not sexagenarian Austrian bodybuilders, right?

I mean — we know all this because we generally do know how to separate fantasy from reality. Then why do those of us who should know this the best — fanboys, gaming geeks and comic book kooks — get so bent out of shape when the fantastical script is deviated from in the slightest? Is it a new traditionalism? A not-so-sneaking sensation of cultural encroachment? Or just plain ol’ down-home stupidity?

We’re no seers of certitude but we’re smelling the latter. Or the former. Or all of the above. As the multicultural kerfuffle regarding race-blind superhero castings continues.

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