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Why you should care

Does democracy stand a chance in the Middle East? Tony Blair believes it does.

Despite the Arab Spring, for many people around the world, the Middle East and its turmoil are a potent symbol of hopelessness. You might think that a world leader who has seen the fighting up close would ultimately agree. But not Tony Blair.

When we sat down recently, the former British prime minister (and onetime aspiring rock star) surprised me not only with his optimism for a real solution, but also with the depth of his concern for what might happen if the U.S. and Europe do not take an even more active role in trying to move the region into a new era. Take a moment to listen to Blair’s perspective on what could happen in the Middle East — even with the struggles in Iran and Afghanistan — and the surprising protagonists who may lead the way. 

 Catch up on Blair’s advice for the GOP in Part 1 of the interview and his thoughts on what makes a country fail or succeed in Part 2.




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