Mad Libs: The History of the Outrageous Rules of Women’s Basketball

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Why you should care

Because someone needed to — and did — call foul on this. 

Michael Jordan, Steph Curry and Brittney Griner. Everyone knows the names of these basketball legends. 

Now imagine them wearing bloomers, unable to dribble or play full court. Sure, women’s basketball started around the same time as men’s, and it was progressive that women were even able to play. The rules certainly weren’t equal, though, thanks to weird beliefs about women, such as that they were easily exhausted and needed to learn more “feminine” qualities like cooperation (which would be encouraged by passing). If the logic doesn’t really track nowadays, it did to lots of men back in the day. 

Luckily, with the passing of Title IX in the 1970s, women today have a much more equal shot. 

Video by Charlotte Buchen, edited by Matthew Reyes.



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