In the Salon: Finding Your Partner

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Why you should care

Because even the perfect match can be a bit rough around the edges. 

Anthony Hamilton is an OZY essayist. This is part of an ongoing OZY video series of conversations in his Mountain View, California, barbershop. For this installment, Anthony takes the conversation over to the salon next door to speak to the ladies.

Finding that perfect mate that ticks all the boxes is not always an easy thing. There’s their likes and dislikes; you’ve got to have something in common, right? Then there’s the steady income, the good teeth, the nice car. Plus, they better be spontaneous and be in touch with their emotions, or this thing will never work.

When you tally it all up, it can be a lot to expect from a partner. But we deserve to have it all, right? Yes, certainly. But sometimes 4-out-of-5 is pretty good too, no? 

There’s no easy answer, and even the perfect match can be a bit rough around the edges. In this latest edition in our barbershop series, Anthony Hamilton flips the script and gets right down to it with the ladies in his salon. He gets their take on relationships, dating and how they found that special someone they never knew they wanted.




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