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Because for too long, stereotypes and assumptions have silenced groups across the U.S.

Do Black men feel defined primarily by their Blackness? What is Asian-American millennials’ take on dating in 2018? How do White women think about love and guns in the era of #MeToo and President Trump? Is there a divide between young Latinos and their parents? 

For too long, stereotypes and assumptions have silenced groups across the U.S. Now is the time for honest conversations involving not just politicos and pundits, but people from all walks of life.

Welcome to Take On America with OZY, our newest prime-time show, launching Thursday, Oct. 18. This series brings together people with key characteristics in common in order to shine a spotlight on their diversity — and cut through the cultural stereotypes. Join us as we explore a range of opinions among groups of people that are often presumed to vote as a bloc, and get an inside look into the conversations these communities are having amongst themselves.

It’s not too late to join the conversation!

Through a series of town halls across the U.S., I will join a live audience of 100 people with vastly different viewpoints to explore and debate the issues that most affect them and their country.

In the first four episodes, we’ll discuss topics ranging from President Trump’s America and the economy to modern relationships and tech. And we’ll hear viewpoints on provocative figures like Brett Kavanaugh, Colin Kaepernick, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elon Musk.

Panelists — including Jemele Hill, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Mayor Carmen Cruz, Harry Shum Jr., candidates for Congress, and many more — will act as catalysts for these discussions, bringing added perspectives to the mix of voices.


Join us in the run-up to the midterms as we hear from 100 Black men in Baltimore and 100 White women in Nashville, 100 Latino family members in New York City and 100 Asian-American millennials in San Francisco.

But that’s not all — these first four episodes are just the beginning. As the 2020 election looms closer, we will go even further and speak to NRA members, 16-year-olds, Muslim-Americans, teachers, the clergy, Black women and White men from all backgrounds, in states across the country. Ultimately, we will bring together cross-sections of the entire U.S. family to Take On America with OZY

It’s not too late to join the conversation! Just email for details of how to take part in the first four town halls, stating the city in the subject line. We’d also love to hear terrific ideas for topics to tackle and panelists to invite. Do you want to host the next Take On America with OZY in your hometown? Send us your argument why.

Don’t miss our show as it airs on Thursdays from Oct. 18 on PBS, OZY, YouTube and Facebook. And do join in the discussion on OZY’s Take on America debating forum.

We look forward to talking.

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