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Beyond Mentoring

Beyond Mentoring

By Carlos Watson


This may be the only way you will ever achieve your dreams.

By Carlos Watson

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What’s the difference between getting halfway to your goal versus all the way there? Here’s a little piece of wisdom that I’ve learned after years of studying how other people made it. Sure, there’s the usual good advice, like do things you love, have a plan, invest in talent, find a mentor. 

But if you really want to move forward, I think you need something better than a mentor. You need an angel.

Mentors help you when you ask for it. But an angel is someone who is always thinking of you and is super proactive, always going above and beyond. Angels offer critiques, and are honest in a way that friends and family aren’t. Probably most importantly, they make important introductions. 

Wondering how to get one for yourself? Well, the first step is knowing they exist.

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