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Young People Lifted Their Voices, But Was It Loud Enough?

Young People Lifted Their Voices, But Was It Loud Enough?

By Nat Roe

A group of Penn State students march through campus imploring voters to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election on November 8, 2016 in State College, Pennsylvania. Americans head to the polls today to decide who will be the next president of the United States.
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Because maybe the apple is falling a little farther from the tree.

By Nat Roe

On Wednesday morning, a majority of young America woke up to a different world — one in which the biggest source of stress wasn’t a mere lower-than-hoped-for SAT score or college rejection letter. 

Although turnout rates are still being calculated, we do know that a majority of young and first-time voters sided with Clinton, while older America went with Trump. Millennials now make up almost a third of the voting population.

This generation has long been called “entitled.” But if anything, this election has shown that millennials deserve a new moniker: frustrated. Just hours before the election results were in, OZY reporter Nat Roe convened a group of conservative and liberal millennials at the University of Georgia to talk generational divide, changing media messengers and why this generation deserves a seat at the table.

Q: Do you think the candidates, the pollsters and the public should have focused more on millennials?

Q: The University of Georgia had voter-registration drives and polling places set up on campus. Some schools have talked about making voter registration an automatic part of freshman orientation. Do you think this is a trend we will and should see on other campuses to mobilize this growing population of voters?

Q: What would a millennial presidential campaign look like? Do you think a millennial would be ready for the presidency?

Q:How hard is it to be conservative on campus?

Q: Do millennials still seek out news and information from mainstream news outlets?

Q: What do we want the rest of the world to know about this generation? Why do you think we’re always played down when we deserve a seat at the table?

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