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Bill Gates


Because last year’s news is tomorrow’s headlines.

By OZY Editors

Happy New Year’s from OZY! Over the past few days, we’ve brought you some of our best ideas, profiles and trends from 2014. We’ll see you back, live and kicking, in 2015!

What were the great and powerful really thinking this year … about Hillary? About Donald Sterling? About global health? About their favorite books? Some of OZY’s guest walk-ons in 2014 told us about all of those. What’s the scoop on 2016? We got it from all angles, at various points during the year. There was the take according to one of Obama’s campaign whisperers, Jim Messina. On the flip side, two top Republicans told us about their take: Grover Norquist, one of the most important economic voices in the party, gave us his picks. So did Mitt Romney’s top former wonk, Lanhee Chen. As for the former secretary of homeland security — and current University of California school system president — Janet Napolitano’s thoughts on sexual assault on college campuses? Or Bill Gates talking about the love lives of plants, or one of the most interesting world leaders he’s encountered — not to mention his favorite business book? When we sat down in Condoleezza Rice’s office at Stanford in May, we got her take on Benghazi and other security threats, of course — but we also picked her brain on all things athletic.

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