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Because life imitates TV. Or wait — is it the other way around?

By Maggie Moe

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Homer and Marge Simpson. Jim and Pam. Whether these famous twosomes cause you to grin or grimace, there is no denying that TV couples have a way of wedging themselves into our homes and into our hearts.

But does everyone feel so fondly for the couples we so readily “ship”? While I consider Ross and Rachel to be my television aunt and uncle, many people cringe at the mere suggestion of the famous Friends pairing. Okay, they were tumultuous at times, though never “on a break” (sorry, Ross), so I can understand some of the distaste. But upon scrolling through our favorite TV couples with strangers on the street, we found that even JIM AND PAM (!), the darlings of NBC comedy, caused ill feelings for some passersby.

So what is it that causes us to fall in love with a TV couple? Is it their humor? Is it their passion? Or is it the fact that we aspire to find ourselves in a relationship similar to the one being displayed on our flat-screens (or, let’s be honest, computers)? We took it to the streets to find out!

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