What HUD Secretary Julián Castro Thinks About Mobile Homes - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because the world of trailer parks isn’t so disconnected from your own rent or mortgage bill. 

By Carlos Watson

Over the past week, OZY has explored the hidden world of the some 1 in 15 Americans living in mobile homes in our original series Trailer Park Nation. Carlos Watson, OZY CEO and co-founder, asked Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro about it when he sat down with him in D.C. Castro’s take? Mobile homes are a slice of the pie the rest of America is chowing down on: Rental prices for traditional homes are too damn high.

A tidbit for you: Castro tells us America is in the middle of a crisis related to a shortage of affordable rental housing, which might suggest the already large 20-million-strong population of mobile-home dwellers is about to balloon. What gives? In this installment of our interview, hear some of Castro’s thoughts on how community members and policymakers can start to remedy this crisis.

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