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We Should Solve the Shooting Epidemic Right Now

We Should Solve the Shooting Epidemic Right Now

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because even gun owners can agree: A head wound can really ruin your whole day.

By Eugene S. Robinson

There comes a point when it’s time to move beyond “Screw this” to “Screw this — let’s make this work.” And we daresay, in regard to guns and whether or not they should be controlled and how much: That time is now.

Because change, as a sage once opined, is a-comin’. For the simple reason that no matter how cool it is to exercise our constitutional rights, it’s even cooler to get through our day without getting shot standing around in the supermarket.

Which is why we’re proposing that Wayne LaPierre and the NRA make a move and lead the way, finding common ground with those who oppose the ease with which school kids, moviegoers, Wal-Mart shoppers, et al are getting shot on the regular in America. 

Call us crazy, but with some 5,000 Americans already murdered by guns so far in 2014, the need to save American lives is not an overly long reach. But who’s going to do the reaching?

Video by Tom Gorman. Tom is an OZY video producer.

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