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Because nobody wants a clunker.

By Lily di Costanzo

Video by Scott Sinkler

Buying a car is an exciting big step. It signifies the freedom and mobility to get out of town and hit the road whenever you want — without giving public transportation a second thought. But for first-timers, it also comes with serious questions. What’s the budget? The perfect make and model? And — here’s a big one — should you buy new or used? 

Cool old cars don’t work exactly like the modern ones do. 

Jim Manelis, Chase Auto

According to Jim Manelis, head of direct lending at Chase Auto, making a smart purchase comes down to getting real about your used ride’s reliability. “Cool old cars don’t work exactly like the modern ones do,” he explains. “Things like steering, acceleration, even just turning it on in the morning can be a whole different experience.” Follow along above as Manelis lets Brooklyn-based artist Ali Macadoodle in on the secrets to avoiding the dreaded lemon. 


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