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Because sometimes you have to speak loudly and carry a big tool to get things done.

By Matthew Billington and Sean Braswell

It’s time to anticipate Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office in just the sort of fashion such a scene demands — a comic strip. In TRUMP, the PresidencyOZY explores how a President Trump might make America great again. Watch for our latest installment every Thursday.

In this fourth volume — “Rogue Warfare” — President Trump sends two special emissaries overseas to handle ISIS and North Korea. In our first volume — “Congress, You’re Fired” — President Trump precipitated a constitutional crisis with his Supreme Court pick, in the second — “The Great Wall of America” — labor problems threatened to derail his first big domestic project, and in the third — “Barriers to Entry” — he unveiled his plan to keep Muslims out of America. In the fifth volume — “The Art of the Steal” — President Trump shows Vladimir Putin the art of the deal. 

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