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Three smart videos from a very savvy leader, plus the complete interview. 

By OZY Editors

That was quite an interview former British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave to OZY recently. “Off-the-hook awesome,” tweeted one reader. Declared another: ”TAKE NOTES.” Blair’s three-part conversation with OZY founder and CEO Carlos Watson ranged from lessons in leadership to tips for the the GOP.  We’ve collected them here, plus added a bonus track, if you will – audio of the complete interview. Among other things, Blair talks about his favorite TV shows and opens up about life in office.  

Part 1 – Leading from the Center

Tony Blair took a losing party and turned it into a poltical powerhouse. In this clip, he about how to pull off radical change while also pulling a country together. It turns out Blair is very up to speed on American politics and has some surprising advice for the GOP.

Part 2 – The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership

From personal experience to advising dozens of developing nations, the U.K.’s former prime minister shares his keys to executing on real change. Blair knows a lot about how to get things done – and when the stakes are the success or failure of an entire nation, you need to know your priorities.

Part 3 – Middle Eastern Message

Does democracy stand a chance in the Middle East? Blair believes it does, but only if the U.S. and Europe take a more active role there. Hear him make the case for ongoing involvement.

And here’s audio of the complete interview. 


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