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Because she’s an influential star on the right.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Read the full transcript of Carlos’ sit-down with Tomi Lahren here.

She’s tailor-made for this era of conflict-driven TV. Tomi Lahren, the 28-year-old South Dakota native who is the host of Final Thoughts on Fox Nation, is equal parts telegenic, mouthy and, in her estimation at least, “relentless.” Today she is a guest on The Carlos Watson Show, hosted by OZY’s co-founder and CEO, in an at times contentious back-and-forth about the issues gripping America today — and what’s coming next. You can watch the episode above and listen to the full interview here.

When asked repeatedly about systemic racism in America or within police departments, Lahren bobs and weaves, talking about officers killed in the line of duty, and the hearts of her fellow Americans. “I don’t believe that Americans are nearly as racist as the mainstream media and some of our political leaders would have us believe,” she says, citing a study that didn’t find race-based disparities in police shootings (the study was later clarified, and then retracted, by its authors). Another study, published in August 2019, found that minorities — particularly Black men and women — were significantly more likely to be killed by police than white citizens.

The pain behind these statistics was laid bare again this week after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sparking a new round of racial justice protests.

We aren’t going to have a decisive victory, and it’s going to lead to our country being torn apart even more.

Tomi Lahren on the 2020 presidential election

Lahren, like several speakers at this week’s Republican National Convention, denounces Black Lives Matter for its leaders’ “Marxist leanings.” While two of their founders have described themselves as Marxist, the movement is now far broader. “Looting and burning and ravaging cities … I don’t think that that’s productive in a conversation about racism or anything else,” Lahren says. “So, I have to largely discredit the Black Lives Matter movement, because I don’t think that it serves itself or its original mission very well.”

Lahren was a Marco Rubio fan during the 2016 GOP primary but has since gone all-in for Donald Trump — she even had a brief stint working for an outside organization that supported Trump’s candidacy — and has drawn Twitter praise from the man himself. As for Trump’s reelection, Lahren tells Watson that she believes there’s a 75 percent chance Trump will triumph once again.

Politicon 2018

Tomi Lahren speaks during Politicon 2018 in Los Angeles.

Source Michael S. Schwartz/Getty

“The only reason that, to me, it’s not higher,” Lahren says, “is because I do worry about voter fraud.” Documented voter fraud is a minuscule percentage of overall votes, and is in fact even lower in states with all mail-in voting — which Trump and his allies have been hyping as rife with fraud, as the pandemic has made mail-in balloting more common.

The lack of supporting evidence doesn’t stop Lahren from proclaiming: “We’re going to have a huge problem with it. I think it’s going to be a huge mess, a disaster. We aren’t going to have a decisive victory, and it’s going to lead to our country being torn apart even more.”

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