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The World of OZY … Through Nat's Eyes

The World of OZY … Through Nat's Eyes

By OZY Editors


Video producer and Atlanta native Nat Roe serves up both her favorite features and words of wisdom.

By OZY Editors

I’m probably at a concert or on a plane. As a music junkie, culture connoisseur, documentary aficionado and cheese plate fiend, I like to create and am constantly inspired by my surroundings, whether I’m riding the J train through Brooklyn or getting lost in a Moroccan medina. Rapper ASAP Rocky said it best: “When you’re making art, everything has to be cohesive.” That’s how I like to live as a producer, walking that line between work and art, evolving while holding a mirror up to society.

I started at OZY in 2016, fresh out of college, curious to experience life beyond my hometown of Atlanta. The past two years have been a whirlwind of growth, inspiration and excitement. I can’t quite articulate the amount of gratitude I have for this company — for expanding my universe and helping cultivate my identity. I love our team, and I am humbled to be among the ranks of such a talented, diverse crew. 


The pieces I chose for today’s homepage curation represent some of what OZY does best — telling the stories behind the stories, including the good, the not-so-good, the weird and the inspirational, making a stranger feel like a friend, making you smarter and ultimately bringing us all a little closer. Among the OZY stories that accomplished that are Trevor Noah opening up about how his mother escaped near death, meeting the Ecuadorian midwife community that works to save pregnant women, seeing a wheelchair-bound woman dance again and hearing a cancer survival story from one of the biggest hip-hop producers in the game.

As 2018 draws to a close, I hope you enjoy these pieces. This year has been tumultuous, but these stories give me so many reasons to feel hopeful. Choose love, choose laughs, check in on those around you and keep doing the very best that you can in this moment.

My Best of OZY Curation:


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