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The World of OZY … Through Maroosha's Eyes

The World of OZY … Through Maroosha's Eyes

By OZY Editors


Reporter Maroosha Muzaffar, based in Delhi, shares her favorite OZY features from 2018.

By OZY Editors

Meet OZY Asia Fellow Maroosha Muzaffar, the latest addition to our global team. Now based in New Delhi, Maroosha hails from Kashmir, the heart of a decades-old conflict between India and Pakistan, where she witnessed human rights abuses up close. Seeing loved ones injured and military crossfire at a young age never leaves you, and the experience has made her keenly aware of the uncertainty of life. 

As a child, Maroosha’s father encouraged her to read the editorials of local newspapers to better understand various perspectives on political and community issues. The storyteller in her was also inspired by her grandfather, who serialized his bedtime stories — making it a great, cliffhanger-like experience each night for his grandchildren.


Maroosha is trying to convince her parents that marriage is so last century — and she’d love any tips. Email her at — and be sure to check out her favorite OZY stories from 2018, found on today.

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