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The World of OZY ... Through Leslie's Eyes

The World of OZY ... Through Leslie's Eyes

By OZY Editors


Our bubbly visuals director sheds light on her faves from 2018.

By OZY Editors

You can take the woman out of New York City, but she’ll never quite lose her Big Apple flair. This longtime lover of The New York Times, Time Magazine and Calvin and Hobbes was OZY’s first-ever photography director back in 2013, and she returned to OZY in 2018 as director of visuals, following stints with Rolling Stone and The Gray Lady.

leslie sweater

Yep, the sweater’s ugly. But in a good way.

While she now resides with her wife in Florida, Leslie’s colleagues sense her energy and enthusiasm from afar — she’s known for her bubbly nature — not to mention a killer “ugly” Christmas sweater. But it was on a far more serious note that Leslie was first drawn to journalism; she first got published in The Village Voice after writing a letter about how much she loved their cover of a heart made out of bullets following the Amadou Diallo shooting.


A lifelong photographer — she knew she loved capturing images at age 6 — Leslie loves OZY for its amazing coverage from parts of the world that are relatively unknown or rarely covered. She enjoys reading about new trailblazers in various fields, hidden treasures and, of course, Sex With Eugene. You’ll notice that her curated picks have a decided visual flavor to them. Enjoy!

My Best of OZY Curation:


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