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The World of OZY … Through Janeen's Eyes

The World of OZY … Through Janeen's Eyes

By OZY Editors


Janeen Poutre manages OZY’s purse and keeps her finger on its pulse. These are her favorite stories from 2018.

By OZY Editors

You know all those articles warning you away from office romances? Well, Janeen didn’t read any of them. She married a former colleague following an office romance, and now she and her husband get to chase 2-year-old Xander around the garden while trying to convince the tyke that a baby brother is a cool idea. No stranger to ledger sheets or IVF (she’s a fan of fertility features), Janeen is now proudly taking name suggestions for Baby No. 2, due in March. Warning: Her hubby has vetoed every suggestion thus far.

When Janeen isn’t enjoying life at home, she’s got her hands firmly on OZY’s purse strings. Our vice president of finance for the past two and a half years, Janeen is a stickler for detail — and, unlike many journalists, has a thing for numbers.


Weekend passions include skiing, shopping and, of course, reading OZY. Check out her favorite features, highlighted on the site today, which tend to focus on fertility/parenting, money and fashion — trust her, they add up.

My Best of OZY Curation:


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