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The World of OZY … Through Carlos' Eyes

The World of OZY … Through Carlos' Eyes

By OZY Editors


Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Carlos Watson shares his vision for OZY and his favorite stories from 2018.

By OZY Editors

As loyal OZY readers, viewers and listeners know, I inherited a love for news and storytelling from my dad. As a kid, he’d send me into the Miami International Airport to buy a pile of newspapers from around the world. Then he’d pore over them for hours, highlighting all the interesting facts he’d found and quizzing us from time to time. Ever since, I’ve been hooked.

I founded OZY in part to quench my thirst for new information. I didn’t just want to know what happened yesterday. I wanted to know what to expect and do tomorrow — where to travel, who to look out for, what trends to consider. 

OZY keeps my finger on the pulse, as I hope it does yours, too. In this video, I highlight a few of my favorite stories from the last year, with emoji’s to boot. You can also find links to those stories at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

My Best of OZY Curation:

With warmest wishes from my family to yours, Carlos


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