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Because Ryan Gosling is out there. Watching. Waiting. Willing? If so, does your significant other give you a pass?

By Eugene S. Robinson

If you’re like the rest of us, what you’re supposed to do is sometimes at odds with what you want to do in situations where temptation is not so much an issue. It’s easier to go to work than it is to rob a bank. And it’s easier to avoid the clumsy come-ons of some random drunk than to turn down the clumsy advances of…Ryan Gosling.

Because Ryan Gosling is that good. Or at least he was in Crazy, Stupid, Love, in which he plays the ultimate player. How can anyone resist a guy like that? Or this? We’re even looking forward to his new movie about love triangles directed by Terrence Malick, due out next year.

So the question is and remains: When your ultimate dream lover comes into the picture, by either fate or providence, should the world just recognize it and give you a pass? Specifically the portion of the world that you’re in a committed relationship with? Male or female, dead or alive, have you attached a certain irrational exuberance to your appreciation of someone largely unknown to you? An illogical lust?

OZY wanted to know. OZY asked.

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