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Because it’s time for publishers to get over this empty attempt at being “sexy” and “free”: Their not-really-naked-celebrity covers aren’t fooling anyone.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Despite The Who’s suggestion, not getting fooled again is something that most of us fail to do on the daily. 

There are all manner of sleights of hand that, even though we know better, we still go along with. We mean $99 fools us into thinking something is really less than $100. And it is, but not by much. And people still believe in “limited time only” deals. It’s a game of pretend that we all are agreeing to play.

But publishers are just making a winking promise of LIVE NUDE GIRLS that simultaneously caters to the prudishness lodged deep in the national culture: “Oh, not really naked of course! We’d never do that! And certainly no boys, no, no.”It’s more of the same when yet another high-profile publication is pimping cover shots of your favorite celeb NAKED — from the Dixie Chicks, Janet Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, et al. We believe it because, perhaps, we so desperately want to. Maybe for the obvious titillation factor, or maybe because we’d like to believe that we’re totally cool with the exposed human form in all its glory.

And if there was any time for the madness to stop? Oh, this is it.

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